Is water purifier bad for health?

Our body contains 80-90% water, so we must pay attention to the purity of the water. We all know about the benefits of drinking water, how important is water for our body, for our stomach, etc there is a huge role of water in our body to eliminate any problem. But day by day, the increasing step of pollution has also exposed the problem
of pollution in water, in which water purifiers made from scientific
techniques These problems can be avoided by using water
purifiers, so let’s get to know

Water purifiers buying guide

Before choosing the right water purifier, we will tell you which one is best for you. Do you know whether you need a purifier or not, every shopkeeper or showroom will suggest that you must take a water purifier But do you really need it?

There are many technology-based water purifiers available in the market. Among them, the best-selling model is Ro (reverse osmosis) UV (Ultra Violet) And UF (Ultra Filtration) is based on, so how will you decide whether you need water purifier or not)

How water is tested

About TDS (Total dissolved solids)

WHO Says that if the TDS level (total dissolved solids) of water is close to 600 then it is safe to consume the water, The same BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) considers it safe to consume water up to 500 TDS level. You can get your area water checked by the Municipal Corporation office easily, But If you do not want to visit the government office, then you can order the TDS Controller online easily at home.

Yuv'S Tds Meter/Digital TDS meter with Temperature And Water Quality Measurement For Ro Purifier (1Pc) (CT-YUV-TDS)

Yuv'S Tds Meter/Digital TDS meter Best Values

with Temperature And Water Quality Measurement For Ro Purifier (1Pc) (CT-YUV-TDS)

About bacteria

After checking the level of water in the TDS meter, if your water is 600 PPMS or less, then we will say that you do not need to take a water purifier. It is also necessary to check bacteria present in water after TDS, you can also order water testing strips for this test online.

Sotnof PH Strips/pH 1-14 Test Indicator Litmus Paper for Water Soil Testing 80 Strips

Sotnof PH Strips/pH 1-14 Test IndicatorĀ  Best Values

Litmus Paper for Water Soil Testing 80 Strips

, It is not necessary that the bacteria presence is also low where the TDS level is low. Experts say that the chances of bacteria in surface water are more than in borewell water. If the bacteria present in water is visible in the test, please do not consume the water without using a water purifier.

Which water purifier is best for sand mix water

If sand mix comes into the water supply in your area, then you should install a UF filter or sediment filter-based water purifier. Expert says that UF filter-based water purifier gives better performance then sediment filter based UF based water purifiers are also known as candle based or gravity-based water purifiers in the market. They work without using electricity. These water purifiers are available in the market at a starting price of 1200 Rupees.

Which water purifier is best for bacteria presence

(water purifier for water with bacteria presence) Localities that have a bacteria presence in the water for them Uv + uf Water Purifiers are Excellent Uv ie, Ultraviolet rays kills the bacteria present in the water.

Which water purifier is best for smell removing

If there is a complaint of smell in the water supply of your area, then you should also add a carbon filter to your water purifier, A carbon filter can remove smell to a great extent UV + UF + CARBON filter-based water purifiers are available in the market from the starting range of 4500 rs

Which water purifier is best for high TDS (Total dissolved solids)

water purifiers for water with TDS level above 600 – Areas where TDS level of water is above 600. It should make you get such water purifier which is RO + UF based, this combination not only reduces the extent of added solids, It also helps reduce the amount of salt present in water.

One more thing that you have to pay some attention because there are many brands in India that are also offering inbuilt TDS controllers. Such brands say that TDS controller helps to maintain perfect TDS in water Some of the same experts say that TDS controller is just a marketing method. And some experts believe that a TDS controller will not be required if the water purifier is selected carefully TDS controller is also known as a mineral booster in the market.

water purifier for TDS and bacteria these water purifiers are easily available in the market from the starting price of 11000 rs.

What should be the capacity of water tank

Water purifiers Normally are available in capacities of 5 liters to 15 liters tanks and you have to select them according to the size of your family. If you have 2-3 people in your family, then a water purifier with a capacity of 6-9 liters is best for you. If you have 4 or more people in your family then 12-15 liters.


A water purifier can be bought on the basis of all these things, now it depends on us that which water purifier will be suitable for us if you have difficulty in choosing the water purifier then there is nothing to worry about India’s top water Purifiers have been presented in our blog, from which you can choose according to your price, according to your area`s water.

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